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Created 17-11-2015
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Title Rome runaway! 31 minutes into 4 balls war Bayern Manchester City made death trap
Description YORK, Sept. 18 report: after three years to return to the Champions League, Roma almost touched can imagine, the most difficult circumstances, the group stage will meet Manchester City and Bayern's top two European giants. However, Rome was not trampled upon the belly, Rome refused to surrender. Champions League first FIFA 16 game, 5-1 victory over Roma on CSKA Moscow, declaring the return, oath compete with Bayern Munich and Manchester qualifying places. [Betting: Inter Milan 6 battle black super ultimate team unbeaten] club changed hands turmoil missed the war in Europe for two consecutive years in Rome, leading to war in Europe points too low hit in the draw [not winning double in one free!] to the group of death. The group brings together the Premiership champions Manchester City last season, the Bundesliga champion Bayern Munich. Of course, CSKA Moscow is also not the belly of the division. Last season, CSKA Moscow beat Zenit St. Petersburg to get the Russian super champion. Moreover, the final phase of the group stage, Russia cold weather, crazy home, enough to make each opponent terrified. In this case, led by Roman Garcia did not disappoint, the first group stage got a hearty victory. More critical is kicked out of Rome in the first half of the big score 4-0. Just-field, Yituerbei received Gervinho Zhisai Tuishe, 1-0, the Argentines came to stare at the Serie A title in Rome marked the king, under pressure finally reached the ball at the child; then, Ituri Sacirbey assists Gervinho to radio waves known Ivorian striker this surprisingly tricky, after stopping to get rid of cool volley to break; the first 31 minutes, Gervinho scored the same. Face back to catch the guard, Gervinho a lightweight buckle, not rash calmly put the ball into the corner. There Maicon, and Francesco Totti after mating, small angle from the center succeed. In the first half, 31 minutes time, Rome will be crazy scored 4 goals, momentum amazing! Supplemented by Florencio Qi Oolong header in the second half to force Rome, defeated the big score 5-1 CSKA Moscow. 'Everyone says this group is hard ......, yes! However, this is in terms of other ultimate teams!' This is the Roma fans before the FIFA 16 game played in Trigo Calabria base entrance banner. Before it, this seems to be an impossible task. Now, however, Rome's performance is sure to make Manchester City and Bayern concern. In the ultimate team championship, Roman virtue of goal difference advantage on top, qualifying competition already ahead of others. 'They want to qualify encounter Rome.' This is the idea of Maicon, but also the idea of Rome. This article Source: NEW YORK Author: sunny