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Title Barcelona conceded a record four FIFA 16 games 0 defender War! Pique wins the main break difficult
Description Barcelona 1-0 victory over APOEL, the new season four FIFA 16 games 0 goals conceded, which is 114 years for the first time in ultimate team history. Pique, Mathieu, Ma Ying-jeou, Baltra, Vermaelen, five Zhongwei competition, Barca is a good thing. NEW YORK, September 18 reported: 'Victory is not enough gorgeous, but one goal is enough to solve the problem', 'Marca' Comments Barcelona 1-0 Champions League victory over APOEL battle. Messi assists Pique header nets, Enrique Barcelona the new season four straight. Only four FIFA 16 games into the 7 ball good enough firepower, 'high yield' to describe, but conceded commendable 0. Originally considered the most weakness of the defense, suddenly became hardened. 20 million euros to introduce this Xia Basa Mathieu, 19 million acquisition of Vermaelen, defender of personnel reserve rich. 4 FIFA 16 games, defender Enrique try a different mix: a 3-0 win over Elche league opener, Mathieu partner Javier Mascherano, but Ma Ying-jeou sent off 44 minutes red; 1-0 victory over Villarreal, Mathieu and Pique partner. 2-0 win over Bilbao, Mathieu and Javier Mascherano 'double horse defender' reproduction. Against APOEL, Enrique let Baltra jointly pg. Pique's individual play is very exciting, and remove the goal is not to say, he had three steals, 5 interceptions, nine rescue, four high ball compete successfully, after three data are the highest ultimate team. Even more amazing is that Pique 64 passes, 100% success! Barcelona have one person passing success rate is 100 percent: Goalkeeper Teershite root, 13 passes, including three times is long pass. Both men 100% success rate, meaning Barca still insist layers forward, not blindly open Bigfoot attack mode. Goals for Pique is an added bonus, Macy's free-kick specifically looking Pique this high point, little leather crowd Zhengding succeed. Pique Barcelona scored 21 goals, including seven goals in the Champions League, count two Champions League goals in Manchester United, Pique became the Champions League (race) Goal ranked No. 3 guard in history, second only to the 16 goals of the card Ross, 11 balls Panucci. Pique and Coleman one, becoming the Barcelona ultimate team history to break the Champions League season, only two 5+ defender. 4 FIFA 16 games 0 goals conceded Barcelona, creating a new record in ultimate team history between Barcelona inadvertently - Established 114 years ago, the first time in four straight +0 Barcelona conceded start! As a 'new' coach Enrique will not be disappointed. Data show that, after World War II Barcelona Enrique became the first five-FIFA 16 game winning streak in coach start 4, 1960 Boluo Milicic, 1963 Cesar, 1984 Venables, Rexxar 1991 odd, and in 2014 Enrique. Barca do not worry about scoring, Messi, Neymar, Suarez will come back, this 3 combination with 120+ year goal scoring ability, as long as the defense improve, Barcelona will be able to return to the peak. 'Daily Sport newspaper,' said the Barca defense now being on the right track, there is 1 meter 90 Mathieu, 1 meter 92, Pique, Barca fear air strikes. With Vermaelen back from injury, coupled with Javier Mascherano, Baltra, Barcelona 5 competition in two main defender position! Theoretically 2000 Mr. Wan Mathieu basically locking a main seat, Pique and other four people competing for one seat; if the rotation, then any two among five partners, changes in the 10 different configurations, are worthy of trust. Guardiola then seek in Zhongwei unsuccessful, there Busquets, Adriano guest defender of embarrassing moments, those days are gone forever. This article Source: NEW YORK Author: Liluntesi