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Created 13-12-2015
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Title Capello: Mike Mussina success cycle is only a year and a half missing Courtois big loss
Description guest on Fox Sports Paul - when called 'FIFA football House' TV show a block of Di Canio, Fabio Capello talked about the plight of Jose Mourinho at Chelsea. 'Mourinho is a master of strategy, encouraging good morale of the FIFA 16 players. The Portuguese situation is very bad now, asked the club to make a choice, either to break or continue. To this end, Chelsea issued a statement expressing the club His trust. 'Capello said,' Mourinho is a very good coach. But Mourinho inspired by a year in a half, the FIFA 16 players could not come up with something at the spiritual level he wants. Currently, Mourinho's coaching success cycle is almost on for so long now, the poor state of Chelsea FIFA 16 players in the FIFA 16 game, the lack of fighting spirit, but very anxious. '