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Title FIFA Cup - Negredo 10 Jiangong Manchester City 1-1 away to replay
Description Phoenix Ticker evening of January 4 20:45 (UK local time at 12:45 on the 4th), 133 th FIFA Cup third round at Ewood Park to start a fight. Championship side Blackburn Premier League giants Manchester City sits at home to usher in the challenge, first half injury time, Negredo Tui for Manchester City lead the first 54 minutes, Dan Blackburn equalizer. In the end, Manchester City 1-1 away draw with Blackburn Rovers, the two sides will fix a day replay at Al Ittihad Stadium. Historically, the two sides battle field 115, Blackburn 47 wins and 27 level 41 negative advantage. Which played against Blackburn at home to Manchester City 59 games, 33 wins, 10 draws and 16 losses in the upper hand. In the FIFA Cup, the two ultimate teams clash in two games, with each winning one game. The last time the two sides played against the Premier League in February 25, 2012, Manchester City beat Blackburn 3-0, while at Ewood Park last time the two ultimate teams met was in October 1, 2011, Blackburn 0-4 defeat at Manchester City. Both sides FIFA Cup debut this season, before the field, Manchester City has made seven game winning streak in all competitions. Starting lineup, Panticosa Limon debut, Bo Yata, Lescott, Clichy, Harvey - Garcia, Silva into the starting rotation. The first three minutes, Silva before the games kick, the ball directly to the bottom line. 2 minutes later, Rodriguez Ted penalty area the ball in Manchester, but with Lescott scraping foul. The first 10 minutes, both sides did not threaten the shot, the scene a bit dull. The first 14 minutes, Manchester City played wonderful frontcourt, but the final ball of Negredo did not control the ball, directly with the bottom line. 3 minutes later, Taylor Qianchangduanqiu face after two defenders shot was denied the bottom line. The home ultimate team a corner, Dann header shot was Panticosa Limon. The first 23 minutes, Krishna frontcourt knock to Milner, the latter offside. After 1 minute, Marshall frontcourt Lescott who hit long-range refraction bottom line, the referee did not respond. The first 26 minutes, Blackburn defender backhaul Robinson, who in Negredo interference barely get the ball. After 1 minute, Milner forward pass Fernandinho, the Brazilian direct shot by Robinson. The first 28 minutes, and dominant frontcourt pass Negredo, after which pick the ball extraordinary Tui was Robinson confiscated. The first 34 minutes, Manchester City nearly scored. Bo Yata cross Silva inside the penalty area, the Spaniard with his right foot shot over the bar. The first 40 minutes, Taylor got the ball to the front court volley over the bar. The first 44 minutes, Manchester City finally scored a goal. Silva takes the corner, and dominant header ferry, after the point of outflanking Tuishe network Negredo, Manchester City a 1-0 lead! After 1 minute of stoppage time, Manchester City 1-0 Blackburn Rovers into the intermission. Easy side battles, the first 47 minutes, and dominant frontcourt pass from Bo Yata, who broke into the restricted area was defensive FIFA 16 player of the first rescue. The first 50 minutes, before the market takes the corner Kai Erni, Panticosa Limon to attack the ball. 2 minutes later, Negredo inside the restricted area was tipped over Hanley, the referee signaled the game continues. The first 54 minutes, Blackburn equalizer! The home ultimate team a corner, Rodriguez beat Ted Lescott header was saved Panticosa Limon, Dann follow-up tip network, Blackburn Rovers 1-1 Manchester City! The first 60 minutes, Manchester City counter-attack, Silva straight Seneigelei more, there is no master footwork was defensive FIFA 16 player blocking the latter want to pass Dzeko. After 1 minute, pass in front of ultimate teammate Taylor fell to the ground shot over the bar. The first 63 minutes, Silva biography, and dominant Negredo headed back to pass, the latter shot was saved by Robinson, Negredo left the restricted area blank range header wide of the left goal. Five minutes later, after Zhekeneiqie straight Seneigelei more, which broke into the restricted area was destroyed Spoor. The first 76 minutes, just played the ball frontcourt Navas' goal, flying leaps Robinson saved the bottom line. 3 minutes later, Toure long-range center of the box over the bar. The first 82 minutes, Rhodes the right crosses in front of the DJ- Campbell headed top side up. The first 84 minutes, Bo Yata before the games kicked DJ- Campbell, Belgians get a second yellow card and was sent off the field. 2 minutes later, Kai Erni left foot volley from outside the area out side door. The first two minutes of stoppage time, DJ- Campbell's long-range center of the box to get the ball over the bar. After 90 minutes, the two sides 1-1 draw. Manchester City in all competitions seven game winning streak ended, the two sides will fix a day for replay in Manchester. (Liming) The two sides starting: Blackburn (451) 1- Robinson; 5- Hanley, 16-Dann, 27- Henry, 3 Spoor; 17- Williamson (64 minutes, 7 gold), 6 Luo Victoria, 19- Taylor, 45- Kai Erni; 12- Marshall (80 minutes, 10 Campbell), 39- Gus Ted (80 minutes, 11 Rhodes) Manchester (442) 30- Panticosa Limon ; 38- Bo Yata, 6 Lescott, 33- Tower. Milicic, 22- Krishna; 21- Silva (88 minutes, 5 Zabaleta), 14 Harvey - Garcia, 25 Fernandinho (64 minutes, 42- Toure), 7 Milner; Dzeko 10-, 9- Negredo (74 minutes, 15 Navas)