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Created 11-01-2016
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Title Buying exposure Mussina 30,000,000 7 goals in 8 games bar of God, or to add a small head of Warcraft
Description Beijing November 24, according to British and Italian media reports, Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho wants to get the ballot, in order to convince people to put AC Milan, Mourinho even made Lukakujia redemption money Ballot Lee's plan. British 'Daily Express' said Mourinho Balotelli very interested madman is looking forward to the reunion with former love at Stamford Bridge. In order to move to Milan, Mourinho willing to Lukakuna into the deal, and even the Blues also be coupled with some cash. Loukakou currently on loan to Everton, Chelsea, the Premiership this season, has scored seven goals, state hot. Last night's game with Liverpool, Loukakou arise, Scatter, scored two goals to help the Reds draw with Everton. Milan Just nod, you can get a small portion of Warcraft and cash. Then Milan is willing to release it? 'Corriere dello Sport' gives an affirmative answer. The newspaper said the Milan executives have alerted Chelsea buy Balotelli sincerity, Galliani's attitude is more clear, that is as long as Chelsea bid to reach 30 million euros, then Milan will be willing to release. According to the 'transfer market' assessment Loukakou is now worth 24 million euros, while Balotelli was 30 million euros, at this price level measured at Chelsea Loukakou willing to sell the premise, just Coupled with less than ten million euros, will be able to move to Milan. Rossoneri to Loukakou it? Italian media noted that Milan is now very disappointed to Matri, replace a striker imperative. Balotelli agent Layiaola also hinted that the bar of God is likely to move to Chelsea, he said: 'Balotelli and Mourinho reunion of course, they worked with each other, leaving the impression that the two sides are Good. They now have been in contact, and mutual respect. 'As for Balotelli himself, after reports that he repeatedly Italian fans very unhappy racial discrimination against him, hoping to once again go to the bar of God the Premiership, where the game the atmosphere is great. Mourinho wants Balotelli difficult to understand, because Chelsea forward line this season, it is not to force. Whether Torres, Samuel Eto'o, or Baba, their performance is not satisfactory. To know the Premier League after 12 Blues three strikers, cumulative score, there are only three, seventh only Chelsea Premiership goals, so look at the proportion of the Premiership, are of a different number. Therefore, urgent Mourinho wants a striker in the winter tonic, but Balotelli is Mike Mussina's favorite target. (Jiuxi) returns Tencent Home gt; gt;