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The business community has its compulsions that trigger the loosening of the purse strings for their arch rivals, the Leftists. Unlike in other states, the Congress and the CPM led coalition take turns to rule Kerala. Hence, the business community wants their activities to continue without hassles.

Apple may be the world's largest Flash RAM buyer, but Samsung is the world's largest Flash RAM manufacturer. By supplying so many firms that include Flash RAM in their complete products, Samsung spreads expensive fixed costs of fabrication across not only many units, but across different markets (desktop computers, thumb drives, cell phones) and at a variety of price points (from OEM supply to Apple to completed storage products ready for retailers), making the Flash Samsung consumes for itself some of the lowest priced parts (net of sales to third parties) on the planet. In the commodity market, this pricing advantage is an outstanding advantage: Samsung can profit from products priced too low for higher cost competitors to stay in business.

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"The San Francisco Bay is alive, and it is critical to protect it."The tour gave the participants ideas about how to bring the Northern California watershed into classrooms, giving students an understanding of how the snowmelt in the Sierra Nevada and the sewage plants in Santa Clara affect the bay including the two bat rays the teachers saw in the shallows.During the school years, Save the Bay and the Headlands Institute also offer field trips for students."When you're teaching people about their own community, and in this case it's about their watershed, it also helps to get outside," said , executive director of Save the Bay.The teachers also talked about how to bring an increased awareness of the environment into local communities unfamiliar with even basics such as recycling.Cultural backgroundTeaching environmental education requires understanding the cultural background of students, many of whom have no experience interacting with nature and little exposure to environmental stewardship, said , one of the canoe trippers and a teacher at Oakland's , a charter school in the Fruitvale neighborhood. Nearly all the students there are English language learners. The focus at her school is teaching the basics: reading and English..
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