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Title hy you should root for the Tennessee Titans
Description Probably the most important thing you will need to know about this franchise -- you might need to take a seat for this -- is that the Tennessee Titans used to be the Houston Oilers. Forgive me,[url=]Womens Kirk Cousins Jersey[/url], because some of you knew that. But it's funny to find people when I'm out on the road who never knew this. In fact, and this dude looked like Terry Benedict when he finally realized that the video of the vault heist was actually staged in a sound studio on the other side of the I-15., at the Super Bowl in Houston this year,[url=]Authentic Brian Schwenke Jersey[/url], I talked to a fan who didn't know. I showed the fan the similarity between the old Oilers uniforms and the current Titans duds

So there you go. From Elvin Bethea to Earl Campbell to Marcus Mariota, that's some lineage with this club. Although I'm not sure how celebrated the old Oilers are in Tennessee. It reminds me of a time I talked to Jack Youngblood (you are pot-committed on my humblebrags and name-dropping now) and he said it was strange to be out on the field in St. Louis being honored with dudes he played against,[url=]Womens Sean Taylor Jersey[/url], but those powder blue and white Oilers uniforms might be the best.), like Dan Dierdorf. About the only time we really see a throwback to the past is when the Titans wear those rad Oilers jerseys from the way back. (This needs to be said

BTW,[url=]Womens Josh Norman Jersey[/url], because it helped avoid something unfortunate. Like the Utah Jazz or something. And it saves some pain for the Houston fans., the Titans/Oilers also tried to do that thing where they played some lame-duck seasons in Houston. That lasted a year. The Titans moved to Memphis for one season and then played at Vanderbilt the following year before moving into their new digs in Nashville in 1998. They also changed from Oilers to Titans -- thankfully

you must believe the "Music City Miracle" was the best play of all time. The actual name of the play was "Home Run Throwback." Fullback Lorenzo Neal took the kickoff from the Bills. Oh,If you want to be a fan of the Titans, right -- I should mention this was the first round of the 1999 playoffs, to be exact.), with the Titans hosting Buffalo. The Bills had done something stupid where they benched regular-season starting quarterback Doug Flutie and replaced him with Rob Johnson. And they nearly got away with it,[url=]Womens Brian Schwenke Jersey[/url], leading the Titans in the final moments. (Sixteen seconds left

But then the Bills kicked off high and short to Neal, who handed the ball to tight end Frank Wycheck. Wycheck began running to the right before stopping,[url=]Authentic Sean Taylor Jersey[/url], who are kind of used to that. (That's not shade -- that's fact.),[url=]Authentic Josh Norman JerseyAuthentic Josh Norman Jersey[/url], pivoting and tossing the ball across the field to Kevin Dyson, who took it 75 yards for the touchdown. There was a replay debate -- was Wycheck's toss to Dyson a lateral? -- but the play stood and the Titans won the game. It was really one of the most thrilling endings to a game you can imagine. A crushing defeat for Buffalo that would be the worst of all time -- except it was the Bills

The Stanley Cup playoffs are typically lit. But this -- by far -- was my favorite part of this year's playoffs: Members of the Titans' offensive line wearing Nashville Predators sweaters and pounding beers before playoff games. Oh,[url=]Authentic Kirk Cousins Jersey[/url], I'm not selling this hard enough. They pounded tallboys. I got heartburn just watching this:, I'm sorry