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Created 10-07-2017
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Title 10% Discount& 5% Free Bonus For Credits Swtor From Swtor2credits is on the way
Description Swtor patch 5.3 is coming with Manaan Stronghold on July 11. Now Manaan Stronghold prices have been posted out as below. So far, it is uncertain whether the Conquest bonus of the Strongholds goes up in Swtor 5.3. But it’s time to buy swtor credits to get ready for Swtor Manaan Stronghold.?

New stronghold in Swtor Patch 5.3

Manaan is the location of the new Stronghold in Swtor patch 5.3. Bioware has not officially stated where the stronghold is located yet. But recently, they have confirmed that all starters will have an additional Stronghold unlocked in Swtor Patch 5.3, up to a max of 6.?

How much will Swtor Manaan Stronghold cost??

To unlock Swtor Manaan Stronghold coats 2,500 Cartel Coins (abbreviated to CC) or 2,500,000 Swtor Credits.?
Room 1 - Interior Expansion: 1,400 CC or 2,000,000 Credits
Room 2 - Rooftop Garden: 800 CC or 975,000 Credits
Room 3 - Deepwater Sanctuary (South): 1,150 CC or 1,450,000 Credits
Room 4 - Deepwater Sanctuary (North): 1,150 CC or 1,450,000 Credits
In addition, Eric also revealed that Guild Stronghold would cost 15,000,000 credits.

Other doubts

For Conquest bonus of the Strongholds Eric mentioned that he is currently looking into if it does go up or not.?
For the size of Swtor Manaan Stronghold, it will be bigger than Shaddaa, but slightly smaller than Tatooine.?
For the doubt whether the official team would raise the limit on Felusia Stato vendors from to 4 to 6 per Legacy to go along with the max Stronghold increase, there is no any tiding from the official.?

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