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Important to be a visible, representative business group to present to council and others (at the city) on different issues. P is working on a sign ordinance and we want to be part of that discussion. It'll impact us greatly. But this is a bronze that's going to feel good because it's a new team, and remember three of those guys last year ended up in fourth place."So you can look at it as an improvement in that regard. I think they'll enjoy this bronze and they'll look forward to next year."Attendance was 4,812 for the final and 56,837 for the week. The venue holds 10,500 for curling.Rycroft and Thiessen won a world title in 2010 while Morris earned gold in 2008.

Warriors are very dependant on the sort of gear they use. If the goal is to play the higher intensity raid instances, a lot of time will be spent gathering up the equipment. For a tank, there are three main things to look at while gathering gear: Stamina, Armor Rating, and Defense.

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Its not good to make clones, but I feel like people throw the term around too much. I mean, people called Terraria a Minecraft clone and Starbound a Terraria clone despite the immense differences between the games purely because they were sandbox games with low level graphics. I think a lot of people do that with modern MMORPGs, everything is a WoW clone because of the questing style and UI, blatantly ignoring the differences between the games and focusing only on the similarities..
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