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Created 15-07-2017
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Title Safewow will provide 6% or 8% off gold for wow during July 24 to July 28
Description Since it launched in November 2004, World of Warcraft has proved buy cheap wow gold hugely popular and now boasts more than six million regular players around the globe. The game lets players control different sorts of characters, including warriors, warlocks, wizards, druids and rogues and take them adventuring in the fantasy world of Azeroth.

The steamy smell of dirty clothes, which Most World of Warcraft gold guides have a good bit of information on how to get rich by mining. If you are lucky, your World of Warcraft gold guide will have a series of maps that show you the best places to search wow power leveling for mineral nodes in each zone.

Lego afficionados will recognize of Lego Digital Designer and Lego Mindstorms in this tool. For the rest of us who are not in the know, Lego Digital Designer is a software tool that Lego master brickbuilders use to design new Lego sets. A free version of the software is also available to anyone. And Mindstorms is a kit that lets players build a robot out of Lego bricks and its movements.

Empowered Rejuvenation: This talent now properly affects the final heal from Lifebloom. Gift of Nature: This talent now properly affects the healing from Tranquility. Insect Swarm: Casting lower ranks of this spell is now properly penalized like other healing and damage effects. Lacerate: This ability now deals additional damage based on the attack power of the Druid. Lifebloom: The bonus coefficient on the final bloom effect has been reduced by 20%. This spell will no longer cause error messages when interacting with Spellsteal or while the Druid is under the effects of Mind Control. Mangle (Bear) now properly triggers a 1.5 second global cooldown, increased from 1.0 second. Many shapeshift form tooltips have been updated to be consistent with each other. Natural Perfection: This ability will no longer be triggered by taking critical strikes while sitting. In addition, it is now affected by the Subtlety talent and reduces damage by 2/3/4%, down from 1/3/5%. Nurturing Instinct increases your healing spells by up to 50/100% of your Agility, and increases healing done to you by 10/20% while in Cat form. Regrowth: The mana cost of this spell has been reduced by approximately 20%. Swipe: This ability will no longer strike any secondary targets which are under the effect of crowdcontrol spells that break on taking damage. Polymorph, Sap, etc. When a Druid in cat form casts Pounce it will now properly animate. Hunter

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