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Drew us to this site was being able to have an integrated system and the partnership with other organizations, Margaret George, interim executive director for Hospice Kingston, said. Very excited about this. It a great step. Sometimes study results are selectively reported, and other times researchers cannot resist unwarranted optimism in interpretation of their findings.2 3 4 These practices limit the value of the research and any downstream products or activities, such as systematic reviews and clinical practice guidelines.Reports of studies of medical tests are no exception. A growing number of evaluations have identified deficiencies in the reporting of test accuracy studies.5 These are studies in which a test is evaluated against a clinical reference standard, or gold standard; the results are typically reported as estimates of the test's sensitivity and specificity, which express how good the test is in correctly identifying patients as having the target condition. Other accuracy statistics can be used as well, such as the area under the receiver operating characteristics (ROC) curve or positive and negative predictive values.Despite their apparent simplicity, such studies are at risk of bias.6 7 If not all patients undergoing testing are included in the final analysis, for example, or if only healthy controls are included, the estimates of test accuracy may not reflect the performance of the test in clinical applications.
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