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Description Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has swtor credits filed a lawsuit against Newport News Shipbuilding alleging that a black woman who worked at the shipyard as a materials supply clerk was repeatedly harassed at work and later fired because of her race. District Court alleges that Linda A. Williams' white supervisor openly used racial epithets such as "nigger" when talking about Williams and repeatedly scrutinized her work more than other employees she managed, compiling a record of "errors" made by Williams.

The bride is the daughter of Mr. And Mrs. H. Jamison said details will not be available until later today. To make way for a $165 million justice center, but the historic building could yet be saved. Although Council approved a bill 13 1 to let the city acquire the site, a subcommittee of the city's Historic Commission is scheduled to discuss the 82 year old building today.

"Baldur's Gate" is a 1998 role playing video game for Windows and Mac based on the second edition of the "Advanced Dungeons Dragons" role playing rules. The game was one of the most successful of its genre, and the first in an equally successful series of similar titles released by its developers, BioWare. The player creates the game's main character at the start of play.

COWAN. 16, 1994. Dr. Officers attended and learned that a male suspect had entered the home, confronted a male resident and then dragged him from the house. Once outside the suspect sprayed the victim with an aerosol irritant then stole his wallet. The victim received minor injuries..

Celebrations Christmas Cream Teas Enjoy a treat during your holiday shopping excursion, featuring endless pots of freshly brewed specialty teas and an assortment of hot out of the oven scones, lemon curd, Devonshire cream and jam. Dates: Nov. 29, Dec.

After this auction, a few smaller private auctions will be held to sell the rest of the items. Zo said that the Slater isn't parting with all of its Zimmerman bequest. But keeping to the stipulation of his will, they can't just withhold those items from auction.

Open Windows Explorer and click on "Network," then browse to the files that are on each computer. You can do this from either of the two computers. If you wish to share files between more than two laptops, you can connect more laptops by connecting them to the wireless network that is being shared from the first computer..

Hull is now the Coast Guard commander for the Ninth District, which encompasses the Great Lakes region. The change of command ceremony is scheduled for May 14 at the NTelos Pavilion in Portsmouth. Hull, an Ohio native, was recently described by one junior officer as a man who pushes for excellence and asks tough questions if it is not achieved.

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