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Created 29-10-2017
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Title Buy eso xbox gold to join new Base-Game Patch for Halloween
Description Once you have acquired the Clockwork City DLC game pack via ESO Plus membership or the Crown Store, you can begin your adventure within Sotha Sil's greatest creation by the following methods:

Find Divayth Fyr's messenger in Mournhold's City Center to begin the quest “To The Clockwork City"
Travel to the Clockwork City and the Brass Fortress directly via your map
Like Coldharbour, it is located “outside" Tamriel on the map
Travel to a Friend or Guild mate already in the Clockwork City zone

Would you like a mechanical companion to join you on your adventures into the Clockwork City? When you first enter the Brass Fortress, you'll receive the Scintillant Dovah-Fly completely free! So why not tocheap ESO gold to join new Base-Game Patch for Halloween

You can activate your new pet by navigating to your Collections menu and selecting Non-Combat Pets.
Crazy King Added to Battlegrounds

As part of Update 16, we've introduced a new Battlegrounds game mode: Crazy King!

Seek out and capture banners that move around the map at random. Hold them to earn your team points, but be sure to always keep moving, as no capture point will ever stay in one place for long, and new ones are added as the game progresses!

The Update 16 base-game patch also brings some improvements to performance. This includes an overhaul to how the game handles animations (reducing memory requirements) and optimizations to the way objects are rendered. This will help to improve frame rates, reduce load times, and stop some crashes.

In addition to this, there's a host of additional changes:

Trait Tracker – You can now see whether you've researched a Trait on an item!
Various fixes and updates to combat, gameplay, Alliance War, crafting, dungeons, balance, questing, and more
Crafting Writ Turn-In Improvements – Deliver writs at any turn-in site in Tamriel
New Home – The Orbservatory Prior in Clockwork City
Champion Point Increase – Raised by 30 to a total of 690

Explore the Clockwork God's Realm

The Clockwork City is a place unlike any other in Tamriel, and we can't wait to see how the community reacts to this new zone. Will you explore this all-new mechanical realm? If so, be sure to share your screenshots, videos, gifs, and livestreams with us on Twitter with the #ClockworkCity hashtag. We'll share some of our favorites on the Twitter @TESOnline and Instagram channels!
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