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Title Hurry up to buy astral diamond neverwinter to join Sword of Chult changes
Description Neverwinter’s dungeon loot system in my opinion is one of the more interesting topics to talk about. Why not to buy neverwinter astral diamonds to enjoy changed Dungeon Loot System As the game progressed, dungeon loot has been changed quite frequently, and sometimes drastically. From the type and amount of items to their bind state, every key area has at least been tweaked once. Today loot from dungeons even serves a completely different purpose than a few years ago. Since?Swords of Chult’s random queues present the latest big change to?Neverwinter’s dungeon loot system, I think it’s time to look back where we came from and how the system evolved.
The 60s Era: Dungeon Delve Event

If you join the game right now, you will grow up with a system based around dungeon keys. At the open beta of the game however, there were no chest keys. Instead the chest at the end of dungeons was unlocked during a special “Dungeon Delve (DD)” event. It was probably the most important part of the game’s hourly schedule that rotates various events throughout the day. Completing a dungeon inside the delve hour would unlock the chest.
From BoE to BoP

The delve chest system already received significant changes with the live release. It had several flaws that the devs addressed with Fury of the Feywild. First of all, chest rewards (T1 and T2 sets) were unbound and could be sold on the Auction House, leading to a quick devaluation of the items. Second, players had to rely on RNG to deliver the set they wanted. So the devs let players pick the set item from chests, but made the rewards bind to characters. The change was met with mixed reviews. Many that farmed the DD hour felt it was too much of a nerf to AD income and that the also newly introduced Salvage System wouldn’t be able to come up for it.

Although the devs sold the update as “QoL” change, it was pretty obvious they were trying to make all dungeon income fall under the rough Astral Diamonds daily cap, which by the way was only 24,000 back then.
A Dual System

Two modules later, the devs switched to a dual system. Since players complained that too much of their day was dictated by the delves event, which ran every four hours, Dungeon Delve Keys were introduced with Curse of Icewind Dale. These were able to open a chest outside the event hours. Just like today toons got one for free and had to buy additional ones for ADs. It was generally a welcomed change although many lobbied for more than one free key per day.
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