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Created 14-12-2017
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Title Get cheap neverwinter astral diamond with $10 cash coupon to join oncoming New Mod
Description Today we have some news for all you console folks who are eagerly waiting for the “Swords of Chult” release. Or well “news”, because as loyal reader you probably already know that the update comes early next year. There was still some uncertainty that we are able erase now. The reason is that the Double Refining event that runs from?December 28th through January 4th will be the last one?under the old refinement system. We’re all but certain this is official and that it will be announced soon. Buy neverwinter astral diamonds ps4 with $10 cash coupon to experience oncoming New Mod
Last Double Refining = New Mod

Now what does that event have to do with the release date of Swords of Chult? Well, the mid-module update will come with a significant?rework of the refining system?that also replaces the old Double Refining. That event going into its last run automatically means Swords of Chult is inching closer. As we’ve already guessed, this would set a possible release date at January 9th, 16th, or 23rd. It’s definitely not coming later because the?new refining event format will debut from January 25th to January 29th.?During this so-called “Bonus Refinement Points” event, players who kill mobs will receive a small amount of RPs.

This is what we have folks. It’s not too much, but at least we got a little bit more certainty about a release date. Now it’s on you to prepare yourself! Between grabbing gifts during the Winter Event, can’t hurt to look up the many articles and guides we have up about Swords of Chult. Our main menu has a full tab dedicated to the update and we’ll also deliver our usual primer when it’s time!

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