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Category Accessories
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Created 02-01-2018
Owner playerhot
Promotion level None
Title Poe currency Compensation Policy by playerhot
Description Poe currency Compensation Policy
To enhance delivery letter of the alphabet legend zen potency and shield each purchaser and playerhot edges from gratuitous dispute over delaying poe exalted orbs orders.

playerhot guarantees the approved letter of the alphabet legend order’s delivery are going to be completed NO over five Hours. If the order was delayed on our aspect, we tend to guarantees your order are going to be salaried with more money zen.

Quite a moment back the corporate had undergone a "Paypal concealing Review" . This review lasted for a couple of month and through that amount the worth of cheap poe exalted orbs was lots higher then traditional and that they had restrictions on payments they may create with PayPal. Please note the review has been completed and once more they're giving gold at a decent worth.So come on, more of the wonderful poe game news by here welcome on!