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The memo says that torturing terrorists abroad "may be justified" and that international laws prohibiting that torture might be unconstitutional in reference to torture occurring during the interrogation of suspected terrorists. The memo was used as a source of legal guidance for the CIA. The White House has referred to this memo as a historic or scholarly review of laws and conventions concerning torture and not a document designed to provide advice on specific methods or techniques..

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Western Digital's My Cloud keeps its design simple with a compact design. If you have seen the WD My Book line of hard drives, the My Cloud line looks very similar just in a different color. The casing around the hard drive is a simple white plastic case with silver edges and accents.

Si c'est vrai, la famille Demers est assise sur une mine d'or, car cette trs belle voiture sport est maintenant convoite par les plus riches collectionneurs du monde. Il en existe seulement 36 exemplaires. L'une d'elles a t acquise pour 52 millions de dollars US l'automne dernier par un collectionneur amricain anonyme.

I then corrected you that the support pages are the same for both games. You are now asking a different question and the difference here is significant. Obviously if there something you need to know about the game you would trawl through the support pages of said game.

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