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"The drive isn't too bad," Garland said. "I have 2 days to get down there and I am able to stop at reststops and stuff like that so it isn't bad. The weather usually isn't an issue since we're going south, so that's a good thing. Joseph's Prep posted its easiest PIAA state tournament victory Tuesday with a 15 5 triumph over Mount Lebanon in the semifinals. Saturday at HersheyPark Stadium. Scootie Randall scored 18 points and Temple had its best defensive game of the season in beating Charlotte, 71 51, in an Atlantic Ten Conference game Sunday afternoon.

In the car I had something else to drink, but was already beginning to feel a bit stoned had heard and/or strongly suspected I was not the only white girl he had drugged and raped but I never had any proof. No one began talking until 2004. And though I knew I should say something, I still felt ashamed.

In fact, Camille employs a personal business staff that shares a Santa Monica, Calif., office with her husband's staff, and she has her own public relations agent. She is also very much involved in the business affairs of Cosby's own enterprises. "Camille runs the Cosby menage the way Lee Iacocca runs Chrysler," notes one family friend..

I'm looking out of my office window. I see one solitary cloud in a typically blue Californian sky. If I concentrate really hard, the cloud kinda looks like a rabbit. CNN noted that Trump hosted a fundraiser for Bush gubernatorial campaign in 1997, and that he donated $50,000 to the Florida Republican Party in 1998, all at the time Trump was pursuing the casino project. CNN added, however, that it was clear that Trump political contributions were aimed at needling Bush and Republican lawmakers toward a more flexible posture toward the gaming industry. And a Bush aide told CNN that Trump did not personally lobby Bush on the gambling issue.

"(Doyle) made me look pretty bad on a slider away," said Watkins, who had gone hitless in his first four at bats before his home run. "I just tried to focus on seeing it up and I think I got a fastball in the heart of the plate. Coach Brian O'Connor, adding he's leaning toward starting left hander Adam Haseley (9 3, 1.73 earned run average) on the mound against W has) been our closer since the middle part of the (Atlantic Coast Conference) season.

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