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Other Blizzard games were featured during BlizzCon's opening ceremony as well. "StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void's" launch trailer was debuted, and a short presentation of the history of "StarCraft" was shown. A new RTS mission pack for "StarCraft," "Nova Covert Ops," was also featured.

New "Overwatch" and "Heroes of the Storm" characters were announced, including a two headed ogre named Cho'gall for "Heroes of the Storm". Cho'gall is unique in that each of his two heads is played by a separate player and that he cannot be purchased with gold or real money. The new character will be given to each BlizzCon attendee, as well as those who purchased a BlizzCon virtual ticket to watch the convention. Players who don't have Cho'gall can team up with players who do have him, and after two playing two games will be granted the character as well.
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