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Created 21-10-2013
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Title The Air Jordan 11 greatest sports shoes
Description <a href=""><img class=" " title="Air Jordan 11 Retro Gamma Blue" alt="Air Jordan 11 Retro Gamma Blue" src="" width="480" height="319" /></a> Air Jordan 11 Retro Gamma Blue.

Nike Air Jordan 11 can be said that the pinnacle of groundbreaking use of patent leather as the upper material, this material is gorgeous and lightweight tensile capacity, the support has a congenital advantage. <a title="Air Jordan 11 Mens for sale" href="">Air Jordan 11 Mens for sale</a>, In addition, also for the first time Air Jordan 11 on behalf of the application of carbon fiber as a shoe in the palm supports, this material TPU same role with the ordinary, you can better connect around the palm provide better resistance to torsion, thereby to increase the exercise the stability. Under the same conditions, carbon plate has a better than TPU torsional performance and lighter weight, so now the high-end basketball shoes are like to use carbon plate for which the palm supports. Another carbon plate itself has a noble sense of mystery also drew consumers like, and then with the crystal clear crystal base, Air Jordan 11 soles is very attractive to the eye.
For Air Jordan 11 midsole cushioning technology, <a title="new Jordans 2014 for sale" href="">new Jordans 2014 for sale</a>, Tinker does not use a newly developed a new type of Zoom Air, and steadily continue to be used during the performance of the various aspects of law-abiding, Air Sole cushion, the whole palm of its morphological structure is to make Air Jordan 11 slow- shock resistance at that time reached a new height.
1995-1996 season, Jordan led the team wearing Air Jordan 11 received before or since those 72 wins and 10 losses the best record in NBA history, the finals 4:2 defeat of the "big mouth "Payton and "Rain Man" Hom Cape led the Sonics to get his career fourth crown. <a title="buy Jordans for women" href="">buy Jordans for women</a>, That year Jordan will be the regular season MVP, All-Star Game MVP, Finals MVP three MVP trophy all in the bag, and topped the scoring eighth throne that year Jordan dominated the NBA, and his feet Air Jordan 11 also captured the hearts of many fans Sneaker shoes.
Air Jordan 11 is a level of God's work, it is one pair of shoes, fans can easily lead to crime sneakers, Air Jordan 11 in the United States as long as a sale, the shop windows had to first make the reinforcement, if one day you are in the crowd lined up to buy shoes wearing a gas mask wearing a bulletproof vest found in people, do not be surprised, he did not come to police to maintain order but an ordinary Sneaker fans.
In recent years, Jordan Brand engraved on Air Jordan 11 quite frequently, a single version of these Air Jordan 11 then compare the first year, summed up a features: patent leather thinner, shorter and shorter, quality carbon plate more generally. But even so, <a title="Women Air Jordans 2014" href="">Women Air Jordans 2014</a> on the market is still in short supply, the charm is evident.